5 toys our baby loves to play

To be completely honest, Eden’s preference is to play with household items that are dotted around the house (and grabbing things she shouldn’t).

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Turning 29

Last week, I turned 29. Looks funny, seeing it written down like that but it’s true. For as long as I can remember, I’ve never really been a “birthday” person, despite how much I’m spoiled by my husband and family. I’m not too sure why, but I’m told I’m like my Dadcu in that respect!

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A Decade Together

On January 1, 2011 (all the 1’s)! you asked me to be your girlfriend to which I said YES! Fast forward ten years, and look at the wonderful life we have created together!

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Raife is 3!

We have a 3 year old! Absolute madness – how on earth did that happen?! True, he’s spent the vast majority of his second year in some sort of lockdown, his whole world as he knew it has been completely turned upside down and he’s had to deal with a lot of changes, but Raife is starting his third year and the end of 2020 a completely different little boy.

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Coping with Two

Eden is now two months old and whilst we’re still adapting and finding our feet in the chaos, it’s fair to say that we’ve already learnt a few things when it comes to having two littles.

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